Women’s Period – Period Problems and Solutions

It is a normal matter of women’s period. Every month or so, the uterus lining receives thicker to prepare for a fertilized egg if the female turns into pregnant. If the egg would not get fertilized, that lining is launched from the body as blood via the vagina. This monthly process is referred to as menstruation or a period.

A woman period is whilst a female’s body releases tissue it not dreams. This tissue comes from the uterus that is in which a baby (fetus) can develop within the female human body. Each month the uterus lining receives thicker to put together for a fertilized egg if the female will become pregnant. If the egg doesn’t get fertilized, that lining is released from the frame as blood thru the vagina. This month-to-month machine is called menstruation. So whilst a female has her length, her body is without a doubt doing away with a small amount of blood and a few unneeded tissues. Its miles an herbal, ordinary frame method for all women as they come to be women and mature bodily.


What is Women Period:

In the lower part of females abdomen, they have small part called ovaries. The ovaries stay either side of the uterus. The ovaries start to make female hormones in girls about youth which causes to the lining of the uterus. Every month during period, the lining of uterus is discarding jointly with some blood. Opening to have periods is piece of growing up for girls.

The point in time between begin of one period and begin of the next is called the menstrual cycle. 28 days is the average length of the menstrual cycle. But 24 days to 35 days is also common. It can verify in difference month. But commonly it is 28 days.

The Period cycle:

First half is called the follicular phase and second half is called the luteal phase. The lining of your uterus is then discarded and a new series then begins. You should know that first half follicular phase and second half luteal phase both are cause of women period.

What happen during the period:

For some days every month there is blood loss from the vagina. This varies from period to period and from woman to woman. Some have a dark scanty loss and some have a blood which is brighter red. So, don’t be afraid about the blood color. If you see your blood color is dark, its meaning is not that you are sick.

What pad should use  during periods:

To absorb the blood you lose, you will want to apply something to take in the blood you lose. It’s common for ladies to use sanitary towels whilst periods first start. These are positioned for your underwear to soak up the blood. They arrive in one of a kind sizes and styles. But when it comes about to end of each menstrual cycle, a small panty liner may be sufficient. But during menstrual cycle, everybody should remain careful using napkins, because there are so many factors of being conscious about it. They need to be changed regularly. If anybody doesn’t do it and keep it for many hours, then it can be the cause of cancer.

Some symptoms during period:

Women period is a common physical system. There are two kinds of symptoms during period. Now we can discuss about that. Like as –

Heavy periods (Menorrhagia):

This is common. It is different to measure the blood loss accurately. For example, if you are passing clots is one of them is one of the reasons behind heavy periods. Heavy blood is not any sickness.

Painful periods (Dysmenorrhoea ):

It is common to practice a pain in your junior abdomen. Painkillers habitually ease the pain. Pain is common in this time. You should understand that how about your pain. If it is serious, you should get advice in a doctor.

Bleeding at abnormal times:

If you have vaginal bleeding at this separately from your probable time, you should see period. In this moment you should take preparation to cover these special days.

The distance among periods can differ in some lady. Unbalanced periods may point toward that you do not ovulate each month, and the stability of the female hormones may be disturb. If your periods become unbalanced in your younger years, you should see a doctor.



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  1. It is common to experience an ache in your lower abdomen, back and tops of your legs, especially in the first few days of your period.

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