Top Secret Computer Security Tips and Tricks

Computer is the main technology element at this time. Computer makes our life easier. Today we will discuss about the computer security process.

This is a modern time and computer has developed our information technology process. People use computer personally and officially. Maybe you could not find an office, where don’t use computer. In the developed countries and developing countries people use personal computer. This electric machine helps us to do many works. In this modern world people use computer to communicate with other too. Much software and apps make our life closer. You can use internet by using a computer. Browsing, chatting, downloading and uploading is a common work in computer using internet. It is bad news that when we use computer it has some risks to attack computer by harmful virus. Computer virus is a program but it has bad effect. There are other few harmful things for computer such as malware, spam, etc. If we can not protect our computer from these harmful things, our computer can damage any time.

Top Computer Security Tips and Tricks:

You need to keep your computer always safe and secure. Any virus, spam can make a serious problem in your computer. Read this article and know how to increase your computer security.

Computer Security

Use a Computer Firewall:

A firewall is an application or software program system in order to address outgoing and incoming online connections of your laptop. You will be able to in reality use the one tricked into windows through default, but this may be in no way the primary competent. I can offer you to use signify “Comodo Firewall“, it really is free and smooth to apply. The usage of firewall is clearly one in every of computer security tip that I need to say.

Always Use an Anti-virus:

There are clear reasons to apply anti virus packages, however there are man that doesn’t use any anti-virus or the ones who’ve not upgraded their anti-virus for the purpose that their time has lapsed. It is true that there is pretty powerful free anti-virus accessible in online. Every computer user must setup anti-virus to guard and maintain their computer security.

Always Keep Update Your Computer:

New update version are determined in software program application system or operating system like Windows and other software. So, people need to always update their Windows, software and applications. Keeping your installed software up-to-date and it is very important for computer security. It will maintain hackers away from contravention into your device and it said that any up-to-date software works fast and smooth with none hassle.

Use Complicated Passwords:

Commonly computer users like to use easy passwords which can be pretty simple to discover for hackers, there are such a lot of applications which used to hack data from your computer and it is easy to find your data from your computer using these applications. Name of this process is “Bruteforce Approach”. If your secret passwords consist of simply four or five characters, it’ll easily find out it.

Your password becomes harder to break if it consists of 10 or 12 characters which additionally consist of numbers, letters and unique characters. To check the length of your password, there are lots of gadgets in the online. That is a critical computer protection tip that everyone should always remember.

It is also important that any time don’t use your birth day, phone number, your name, parent name, bank account number, your place, your school name as your password because, it is easy to find-out your password for a hacker. It can break your computer security easily.

Most common problem people create is that they use same password all websites in online, because it’s very hard to forget passwords for all website accounts, however it’s an alternative advisable to have different passwords for each different account.
If you use different password in each account, your one account hacked then your other all account will be safe and secure.

Always Beware for Computer Security:

In the end, we can remember some important notes:
** You should beware about your browsing internet. Don’t download or install all things which you get in online especially any software or application.
** Don’t click any unknown link. Hacker can break your computer security to do click you any link.
** If you transfer any important file every day, you should try to send file different time in a day.
** Avoid spam email. You will get much spam email in your inbox. Don’t open or don’t reply in any spam email.
** Don’t sign up or register any unknown website. If any person asks you to register any unknown website you should avoid his proposal for your computer security.

Finally, we are in the last part of our discussion. I hope that this article will help you to increase your computer security. If you have any question about this matter, you can comment in this post below. Thank you.

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