Top 10 Facebook Tips and Tricks for You

There are many social sites in the online. Facebook is the top popular social website in the world. More than 30 million people use Facebook.

People like to use social site, because social site is now more popular. There are some reasons to be popular social site. The main reason is that social site makes our society small. If you live any place in the world, it is not any factor that where you live or how far you live. Social site makes our life near and together. Most of the people spend them time in social site when they stay in online. It is also true that there are huge persons who don’t know that how to use social site. Using social site is not a hard job but some people don’t know its proper using rules or process. Today we will discuss detail how to use FB and I describe with your top tips and tricks to using FB.

Top Facebook Tips and Tricks:

Below this article read carefully. You will get a proper knowledge about FB and its some important tips and tricks.

Hide Your Users, Games and Polls:

It speedy receives stressful seeing a few user posts, game invitations, Facebook polls, etc. Floating your mouse to the right of your Facebook post and click the hide button as exposed under can hide your post. After command the button you can have the choice to hide that user or within the case of a FB app the choice to hide that app program from forever displaying up in your profile. To unhide a person or unblock an app program click at the edit option inside the right backside of the news feeds as shown less.

Facebook Purity and Honesty:

FB does not come up with the option to hide your friend, friend requests or all others notifications. This can be hidden the usage of browser add-ons. If your browser is running Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera I advise set up in the Facebook purity add-ons.

Update Your Facebook Privacy Settings:

Click on account in the right side of the FB window after which click “Privacy Settings” to change who is eligible of watching what has in your FB profile. We extraordinarily propose going through all the privacy settings to confirm your privations is well protected.


Something that is not place to buddies only or buddies of friends may be seen by all of us searching on the online. Below there has some information we recommend for maximum users.
1. Under searching for in privacy settings unchecked Public Search Results. Adjusting the settings avoids users from looking your ID and profile photo in search results for Google.
2. Under application settings, ensure you are only permitting apps you need to have get entry to your info. Your applications that you provide right to get proper of access to your Facebook profile info.
3. If you are curious to look how an application or web page connect with the Facebook API can watch your Facebook profile.
Understanding how to correctly navigate is critical in case you need to find the most out of Facebook. It is a short explanation of each of the options inside the top bar.

Facebook Timeline:

Clicking this FB logo it takes you on your timeline. There you can see your friend current posts such as pictures, audio and videos.
Friend Request:
If someone sends you friend request to be accepted this icon indicates a notification of how many friends request are hanging ahead to approval. This icon also can be clicked while you need to view any friend suggestion or find friends on FB.

Facebook Messages:

This chapter lets in you to deliver and get maintain of private messages or SMS between one and more of your FB friends. You can also messaging with unknown people too. This present time FB has a messaging apps named “Messenger”. You can message using this app.


Any time friends or FB application makes new posts you will be notified on this option. Clicking this icon views all current notifications. To change notifications with any Facebook application or video games click the “See All” option at the below and check or unchecked what you need to be notified on.

Facebook Search:

FB search options may be an effective tool that may be used to fast find any friends or any person who has in the Facebook. Additionally, you can also search any organization name, product, sports team and so on using search option. It will locate fan page and FB groups that may be joined already in the FB.

Adjust Account Notifications:

Protect your email and your phone with the updating options and services. Facebook notifications get up to date with the resource of showing new notifications. FB notifications may be introduced and eliminated via clicking account link within the top side corner. Account settings, which is clicking the notifications tab.

Top News and Most Recent Feeds:

By way of default Facebook shows your timeline postings inside the news format. This is the best shows posts it believes are the majority related to you. The ones results are based totally to your past interaction at the side of your friends. If you want to appearance every post posted by all of your friends, this aren’t hidden click on the Most Recent option within the higher right side of your timeline feed. If you want to modify, who shows up click at the edit options within the bottom corner of your timeline feed.

View High School Friends:

If you have added your high school information or previous work information to your profile information section, you can speedy see all classmates and co-workers on Facebook by clicking the option in your profile if they already connected with Facebook.

Change Profile Picture:

Your profile picture can see every user of FB. It is important news that any time you can not change your profile picture privacy. Profile picture always keeps public. To change profile picture just click on your photo and upload a new photo or you can select also from your other album photo. Set the photo as profile picture.
While you publish a new post on a friend wall, any of their friends are going on the way to see that post. If you want to change privacy, you can do it by change drop tap.

Suggestions and Random Friends Request:

As you get greater friends on Facebook it’ll start creation friend, groups and fans. Those suggestions are made through FB and not your friends. Until these are something, you are interested by they can be left out.

This identical rule may be implemented to user who might also need to be your friend that you do not know. If you do not know a guy, you can ignore invitation. As soon as a person will become your friend, they’ll get right of entry to any info your friends are able of reading.

Tag Your Facebook Friends in Your Photos:

Always create certain to tag any of your Facebook friends which can be in photo you upload. However, never tag a person who isn’t in the photo. Whilst a person is tagged in a picture that image is automatically added to that individuals profile and it is a huge way to share photo with all your buddies.

Finally, we are in the last part of this passage. I hope that this article will give you much knowledge about using Facebook.

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