Top 10 Bad Habits of American People

There are many country, society, and culture in the world. Some country or some culture is developed and educated but others are not and they have some good habits and bad habits.

Every society and culture has different habit for men and women. If you live a developed country, you can’t strongly that you don’t have any bad habit. Some people carry bad habits, which lives in developed country or poor country. Today our discussion subject is human bad habits. Yes, today we will discuss about top 10 bad habit of American people. What do you think; American people don’t carry bad habit? I know, they carry some very bad habits and today I will show you this topic. OK, let’s start to find top 10 bad habits of American people.

Bad Habits of American People:

Read below article. There are top 10 bad habits of United States of America people. These bad habits are common but USA people contribute it.

1. Swearing:

It is a bad habit but it is popular in American society. People use bad language in home and outdoor too. Especially when they are angry, they use bad word. A statistic says that most American use bad language but women are advanced to use bad language then men.

2. Picking the nose:

Every people say that it is a bad habit. If you ask to American, they will also say that it is an ugly bad habit but American people also do it. You will wonder to hear that people picking them nose in road even when they talk with others. It is a great surprise that American president also don’t miss picking his nose.Bad Habits

3. Biting the fingernails:

It is a common bad habit for American citizen. They do it in home and outdoor too. When they watch TV or game in the stadium, they do it commonly. It is information that about 30% American bit them fingernail when they watch TV.

4. Drinking too much coffee:

You can think that drinking coffee is not a bad habit but it is a bad habit if you drink extra time. Mostly American people drink coffee in morning and evening but you will also find some people who drink coffee 5 or 6 times in a day. It is sure that it is a bad habit.

5. Smoking:

It is a great bad habit of American. They are educated. They know, smoking is dangerous for health and it causes of death but American people do this. It is very alarming news that day by day number of smoker is increasing. A statistic of 2014 says that 29.2% adult American smoked cigarettes.Bad Habits

6. Watching TV:

American people like to watch TV for long time. There is no difference between men and women. In the holy days people watch TV morning to noon or whole night.

7. Fast foods:

It is a common bad habit in America at present time. People take fast foods every time. In home or outdoor in all place people like to eat fast foods. This kind of foods is very harmful for human body and especially for child. Fast food eating habit makes fat on human body.Bad Habits

8. Drinking Alcohol:

It is a serious bad habit of human being. Mostly American people addicted with alcohol without the Muslim citizen. They like to drink alcohol in office or party. American bar and dance club makes are making alcohol user rapidly.

9. Going Shopping:

Shopping is a common passion of American women. This bad habit especially grows in women society. In holidays women like to buy new dress. You can say that truly American women can’t without shopping. There is a special day to shopping named “Black Friday”, people shop in this day like as crazy.

10. Racking up debt or credit cards:

It is also a bad habit of American people. Who has no common sense, this people do this unwanted work.

Finally, we have fined the top 10 bad habits of American. It is not only for American bad habits but also world people bad habit but today we tried to find especially top American bad habit. I think that this article helps to American people to find them bad habit and leave this habit.

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