How to Remove YouTube Copyright Video Claim

Now YouTube is an earning way in worldwide. Many people use this site and earning much more. Today we will discuss how to remove YouTube copyright video claim.

YouTube is the number one video sharing website in the world. People share a lot of videos in this site daily. It is one of the best entertainment ways at this time. Before few years ago this website was only for video watching but now it is an earning method too. YouTube user can earn money by Google Adsense. It is also true that making video and processing is a hard work and every people can not do this job. Who can edit video; can upload real and unique video but who can not make video you can stay with us. I shall tell you the proper technique that you can make unique video. People face a common problem that they upload a video from downloading any other site and YouTube says that this is a copyright video. More copyright video make YouTube channel suspend and get strike. OK, now we can start today discussion.

Remove YouTube Copyright Video Claims:

If you make e video own, you don’t have any tension about copyright video notice but if you download a video from other site and upload this video in the YouTube, you can get a copyright video notice. It is good news that we can remove copyright video notice and you can upload a downloaded video in your channel without copyright video notice.

Copyright Video

What Needs to Remove Copyright:

Today I shall share with you valuable 10 tips. By these 10 tips you can remove copyright video claim successfully and you can upload this video in your channel. I shall discuss 10 special video edit process and tips which can help you to remove copyright. You can video edit by any high quality video editing software. I shall discuss this article using Camtasia Video Editor. You can download this software from this following link. You can also get Camtasia serial keys from this link.

Ten Tips to Remove Copyright Video Claim:

Follow these ten tips carefully. If you can observe all tips, I hope that you can remove copyright from your video and starting earning from Google Adsense.

1. Flip the Video:

Add your video clip on the editor timeline. In the preview screen you see a four corners line with 8 points. Now press your mouse and flip the video right to left or left to right.

2. Change Video Color:

You should change the brightness and contrast of this video clip. Just change the color by changing brightness and contrast. Don’t use same color position after complete the changing brightness.

3. Change Video Background:

You should change the video background color. Normally real video used to black color but you can change black color to other such as red, green, orange, yellow, blue, etc. You can also a border around your video. Remember, don’t use black color border.

4. Change Video Length:

Change the video length. You need to short video length. If your main video is 10 minutes, you can make your video 5/6 minutes. Cut and delete the unwanted and unnecessary video and short the video length. You also need to change video speed. Change the video speed slow or fast then the main video.

5. Use Video Logo and Title:

Add a video logo in your video and must use a starting and ending title in your video. It is better to show video logo full time in the video and starting and ending title will be in the first and last position.

6. Change The Audio:

It is very important that you need to delete original audio from video. You should set e new audio sound in this video clip. You can set e free sound from YouTube sound store. You can set sound from other website but must sound will be free.

7. Use Effects and Transition:

Video effects and transition is also helpful to remove copyright. Every video editor software has many effects and transition. You should set video effects and transition in your video clip in the perfect time.

8. Change Video Shape:

You can change your video shape. If your main video is wide, you can change your video to square. If it is square, you can make it wide. It is important that you must need to change the size of your video.

9. Delete Original Objects:

If your main video clip has logo, watermark, symbol, character or special effects you must need cut and delete this objects. It is very important. If you use original video’s watermark or logo it will easy to claim copyright. So, cut and delete original object and use your own objects.

10. Upload Unique Video:

If you want to upload copyright video by editing this above system, you need to upload minimum 15/20 unique video in your channel. It is very risky to upload copyright video uploading in the channel first time. So, you should upload 20 unique video in your channel first and then you can upload copyright video above system. Don’t forget to upload more unique video next time.

Finally, we are in the last part of our discussion. I hope that this article will help you to remove copyright claim in your video on YouTube. Now try to do it and if you have any question, you can comment in the below comment section. Thank you.

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  1. How some people are able to upload full movies without even doing anything major to the original video like this person did to this movie.
    This movie is “Kingdom Of Heaven” and he uploaded only movies in his channel and adds are also showing on almost every video.

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