New Mobile Sensation Prisma App Review

This present world is modern and dynamic. Technology development is growing like as a running horse. There is no new technology such as Prisma. All technology is old.

I think that you are not agreed with my voice or you can’t understand what did I say! Our technology development horse makes our technology old rapidly. Example if I buy a new phone today, it will be old in next day, because technology world is changing and updating time to time. There are many photos editing software and apps in technology world but new Prisma apps make a new storm in picture editing world. It is a new app for photo editing. Today we will discuss and get a short review about Prisma. Let be start. Prisma is an app which uses to add effect in a picture or image. After opening this app, got first place in Apple app store.

Already 9 Million IOS user downloaded this app and daily 2 million users are using this app. This app first time open as an IOS operating system but a Russian base mobile company launched a beta Android version of Prisma.

But after some time Russian company stopped this app and informed that testing operation is ended, full version of this app will launch in August. Already this app got huge popularity. Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities already start to use this app. They are uploading them picture in social media by editing Prisma.

Android App Prisma:

Prisma edit image using artificial intelligence. This app is very intelligent to memories an image. It sees an image by its artificial eye and creates a same image like as a painted image. Chief Executive Officer of this organization says, Prisma looks a photo like a photographer looks you.


Company first time lunched a Prisma only for Apple IOS operating system. World android customer was disappointment for this activity but Russian company taken a good advantage about this app. If this app comes in the market in next August, it will be great news for Android operators.

It is true that people also find some bad effect of this app. They say, this app is ruining the good image. Especially Bangladeshi people say, it is an old format of picture. This photo format are using in Bangladesh since 80th century. Bangladeshi rickshaw driver use this kind of photo as a cinema poster.

The crew’s modeled it’s all off deep neural networks, which is probably own replica off of natural networks to split content material and fashion. It recombines them into acts that look to depict the brush strokes of familiar artists. Therefore, our ability to precise content fabric from style and consequently our capability to create and revel in art is probably broadly speak me a preeminent mark of the prevailing implication skills of our visible device. They finished in the paper.

I assume this technology might be a number one tool for photo processing and fundamentally trade the way. We control images. Gatys said this voice.

In the meantime, Prisma has been mentioned for its leisure value and near-immediate comments. Gatys is skeptical approximately it’s real imaginative value and seizes the chance to plug his own undertaking. He said that I think, it seems very cool and its essential promoting factor is the rate with which pictures are generated. I think that it isn’t relatively there as compared to what we are capable to do.

Finally, we can say that Prisma is a new technology of photo editor. At this present time people don’t find the bad side of anything especially in technology world. It is sure that this app will make a new sensation in the technology market and this sensation will be increasing rapidly when this app lunch with Android operating system.

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