Indian VISA: No Need Online Appointment Date

Indian VISA: No need online ‘Appointment Date’ from August. In Bangladesh Indian High Commission prearranged first ever ‘Eid Visa base camp to make easy and earlier visas in Eid holidays. It was a successful process to ensure visa for Bangladeshi people. Bangladesh Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan and Bangladesh Foreign Affairs Mohammad Shahriar Alam were also pleased for this occasion.

Talking at the event high officer of India to Bangladesh Harsh Vardhan Shringla decorated the truth. He says that this becomes the primary base camp of its type prepared by using the Indian High Commission to ease tour of Bangladesh nationals to India all through the Eid vacations. Consular and visa offerings had been a high precedence of the high commission of India and the camp changed into a degree to facilitate travelers.

The Eid visa camp turned into also the primary event release to the people at the new Chancery Complex of the High Commission of India in Baridhara, Dhaka. In the induction, a fortunate draw become accomplished and three fortunate winners won join tickets subsidized with the aid of Jet Airways for the Dhaka-Delhi-Dhaka; Dhaka-Kolkata-Dhaka and Dhaka-Mumbai-Dhaka sectors.

During the Eid Visa Camp, applicants submitted their visitor Visa applications on an interrupt root without former appointment date. Individual nations have been set up within the Camp by the Indian Visa Application Center which is run and operated by the State Bank of India.

High Commissioner of India Harsh Vardhan Shringla says today“without appointment date people gathered in visa camp in Dhaka and they were happy. India govt. is now thinking how to process visa without appointment date. Bangladesh people are not satisfied with ‘appointment date’ policy.

Indian VISA Appointment Date:

Last few month more than a million email received IVAC from Bangladesh. They requested to Indian high authority to solve the appointment date process problem. Indian authority wants to stop appointment date system and visa camp was a great title of this way.” “This is due to the fact ours is an exclusive bond. We proportion the highest boundary of more than 4096 km. Previous year more than 100000 people went to India from Bangladesh. This figure is growing every year. The 2nd largest variety of travelers came to India from Bangladesh last year. Today there are eleven visa utility facilities all over Bangladesh. The biggest range of Indian visa interiors is in any one nation. The claim for Indian visa is so lofty- that it maintains us working spherical the clock to deliver,” pointed out the high commissioner.

Indian VISA

Authority of IVAC says, “India government wants to ensure visa more easy process in Bangladesh. India government has already taken some new plans and programs to make easy visa process in Bangladesh. India wants to organize again some visas camp in outside of Dhaka. Again organize a big visa camp before Eid ul Adha in Dhaka and Chittagong. India Govt. wants to open on arrival VISA system for Bangladeshi. High authority also thinking about one stops VISA processing system for Bangladeshi people.

Indian VISA

We have some future thinking. India govt. wants to stop present appointment date system as soon as possible because; this system already makes various problems. Tourist VISA system also change to be like as medical and business visa with other 10 kinds of visa. We are thinking to start tourist visa processing without appointment date from September”.

India gets the best range of medical sufferers from Bangladesh among all the different countries. Last 12 months more than 100000 medical treatment visas were issued in Bangladesh. Enterprise among both international locations is also increasing and an increasing number of Indian companies are approaching to Bangladesh optimistic about chances and Bangladesh agencies are going to India.


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