Where is the Indian Air Force Plane?

An Indian air force plane goes missing today; it’s sock news for Indian people. Indian air force authority publishes this news at today noon. This war plane was carrying 29 people; 23 were passengers and 6 crews.

Air force spokesman says that A Indian air force plane goes missing when it was on the way of Port Blair in the Bay of Bangle. Searching air craft, NAVY and special intelligence agency already start to find this plane in that asking place. But it is a common question of Indian citizen that where did go this plane? Indian air force spokesman says that the name of this air plane is AN-32; it takes off from an air base of Chennai in 08.30 am, the southern city of India. It was supposed to the Port Blair, capital of the Andaman and Nicobar islands in Bay of Bangle. The plane was scheduled to reach around 11.00 am but in 9:10 am sudden lost the signal of AN-32 in the sky. Indian news agency says that this plane can fly for 4 hours without pressure. AN-32 was carrying 29 people; 23 were passengers and 6 crews. Passengers and crews family were gathered to Indian air force office to know the latest news of this accident. Searching air plane, NAVY boat and special intelligence agency already start to find this plane in the Bay of Bangle but no result until now.

Indian Air Force

A plane of Indian Coast Guard crashed last year in south Chennai of India and all crew killed of this plane. Indian military agency and Indian news agencies observe this situation. They are trying to find that is it a natural accident or terrorist attack? Any group of Islamic terrorist didn’t accept responsibility of this occur.

Islamic terrorist group ISIS threatened that they will increase attack in South Asia region. Two weeks ago in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh is infected by ISIS. Terrorist hostages people in a restaurant in Gulshan area and killed 30. Indian authority try to observe the connection of this story with recent ISIS threaten.

Indian Air Force Plane Story Timeline:

The big search for a missing Indian air army plane has brought about the discovery of numerous gadgets that might likely be from the plane. Nation’s defense chief informed this news Wednesday.
Inside the root of a press conference, Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar stated the hunt operation for the out of place N-32 has led officers to feasible debris within the Bay of Bengal. He said that there can be no confirmed document. However, there are a few objects positioned. Parrikar said that the ships had been asked to verify them.

N-32 is the Russian created twin-engine turboprop Antonov plane. It was wearing 29 people. It disappeared on Friday just few minutes after departing Tambaram a community of Chennai en direction to port Blair within the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

On Tuesday officers stated that finding groups have picked up pings which might be probably from the aircraft’s emergency beacon on the ocean floor. However, investigators despite the fact that are not sure whether the pings or the newly determined gadgets are part of the lacking plane.

Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar has said that except something is clearly placed. It can not be confirmed. As of now, it’s far only an indicator. We are not leaving anything to opportunities.

The look for the N-32 is India’s largest at sea. Further, to scrutinizing satellite TV, officers have additionally alerted service issuer ships passing capability crash site to keep be careful for floating particles or survivors.

There is another side of this story. Last few months India was trying to influence in the Bay of Bangle and China-Pakistan can’t consider this influence. Tri nation already makes a pressure in the area about this matter. News agencies try to find out the possibility that China or Pakistan air force whether the plane was shot down!
Last news, Indian authority is trying to find out the place of this plane and rescue the life of passengers and crews.

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