India Kidnapped Boy Returns from Bangladesh

Named Sonu; India kidnapped boy returns from Bangladesh to Delhi on Thursday after a Bangladeshi court permitted him to fly once more domestic.

Indian officials informed this news. Sonu’s age is 13. On Tuesday, Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj showed his DNA had matched together with his mother Mumtaz Begum. Ms Swaraj delivered that Sonu had been kidnapped from the Indian capital Delhi.Girls, accused of abducting the boy from Delhi. They are going through a crook investigation in Bangladesh. Ms Momtaz Begum informed News Web BD that “she will become happy to be reunited together with her son” and she felt like “celebrating Rid nowadays”. She said it is the best happy moment for her family.

Bangladeshi people Jamal Ibn Musa had located the India kidnapped boy, who turned into being made to artwork as a servant. He alerted police to his whereabouts, and in the end traced his own family to India.India kidnapped boy

He informed Bangladeshi newspaper “they used to torture the India kidnapped boy and keep him busy with hard paintings throughout the day at my neighbor’s residence. I informed the police about it around 3 years in the past.” He brought that he counseled the neighborhood police approximately the boy’s situation however they “stored mum even after visiting the house”. He said he changed into quicker able to rescue Sonu in December and bring him earlier than a court docket.

The courtroom dispatched the boy to an infant welfare domestic after which Mr. Musa started out the technique of tracing his own family in India. He decided to excursion to Delhi on 14 can also to search for “an indistinct deal with” that the boy had given him.

After some days, he tracked down Sonu’s dad and mom in Delhi’s Seema Puri region. He stated “his mother and father were so glad to listen the news of their missing son,”. Ms Begum stated that Mr. Musa changed into an “Angel”.

“I can’t thank him sufficient. He’s a brilliant guy,” she said. Ms Swaraj additionally expressed gratitude toward “people who sorted our younger citizen in Bangladesh”.

Story of India kidnapped boy:

This story was looked like as a movie story. Last year Bollywood presented a movie named “Bajrangi Bhaijaan”. Six years ago and we see Shahida journey to Hazrat Nizamuddin Ali in Delhi to pray for her daughter’s in specific as her mom takes her. On the way back the home woman misses her train which is going to Pakistan. Helpless Shahida comes at some stage in Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi, who enters with the well known selfie le le re song. Since she can not speak and Salman tries a number of processes to find out approximately her. Inside the course of one such juncture he begins to tell about his life and beyond.

Here comes flashback of Pawan, in which his father calls him a zero. After the death of his father, he travels to Delhi to enroll in the Akhada of Dayanand because of the truth his father wanted him to obtain this. Right here he meets Rasika and the two falls in love with every distinct.

Will Pawan be capable of save Shahida from a prostitution racket and reap her domestic as it should be? Will he be able to show his truly worth to Rasika’s father? The solutions form the crux of the tale. This story is going to like that.

Salman Khan helped to returnee a girl named Munni to her home in Pakistan. She lost in Pakistan, when she came in India with her mom. Bajrangi Bhaijaan was a business success film. Munni and Sonu was the same kind baby but Munni was a cinema story that was not real but Sonu’s story is real. We thanked to Bangladesh guy Md. Musa for his extraordinary work.






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