Gunmen Take Hostages in Bangladeshi Capital, 20 Killed

Gunmen take hostages in Bangladeshi capital Dhaka, 20 killed. At least 25 human beings were rescued as the action ended on the Spanish restaurant in Gulshan location of Bangladesh capital Dhaka on Saturday morning.

The variety of deceased changed into yet to be showed. Witnesses said, Bangladesh military employees have cordoned off the Holey Artisan Bakery Restaurant as police contributors have been still in the spot. Replying to a query about the situation of the lady of an Indian couple Inspector Genaral of Bangladesh Police AKM Shahidul Haque stated “a total about 18 man were rescued from the area and situation of others are yet to be recognized.” The Indian couple closed the car moving IGP after the rescue process completed around 9:45 am.

A security reliable, returning after the pressure, stated there are 4-7 human beings inside the eating place who are in all likelihood personnel of the restaurant. He noticed numerous bodies mendacity in pool of blood.

A joint pressure of Police, BGB, RAB, SWAT, BD Army and NAVY individuals started the operation after 7:30 am with chronic gunfire sounds.

At 8:20am, safety officers claimed to have taken the scenario beneath control. Army and naval chiefs were there in the location all through the joint operation.


At least 26 people have been killed and 13 rescued from the Spanish restaurant in Gulshan vicinity of Dhaka on Saturday, stated a reliable of a law enforcement employer.

Tuhin Mohammad Masud. He is the official in charge of Bangladeshi police, stated the saved hostages integrated a Japanese civilian, who changed into injured and two Sri Lankans. He stated there had been wounded among specific hostages but did no longer provide records. In advance evaluations had said 7 Italians have been in the middle of those taken hostage on the cafe that is famous with foreigners. A police officer on the scene stated that after protection forces attempted to enter the building at the start of the cordon they have been met with sleet of shot and grenades.

TV photos confirmed a number of police being led a long way from the place with blood on their body and dress. Closely armed officers were visible status on the road outdoor. Neighborhood TV stations cited that the rescue operation commenced at 7.40 am, the gunmen took over the cafe about 10 hours after.

Witnesses from the place stated a number of sufferers were taken away from the restaurant in 7 ambulances. In the meantime, is information organization Amaq News Corporation launched snap shots of several bloodied our bodies mendacity inside the restaurant.

Our correspondents document from the view that a SWAT team and regulation enforcers commenced their operation below the cover of an ambulance.

Law enforcers arranged to go into the hostage area at 5:05am. Journalists were moved away to a protected space earlier than the action. IGP AKM Shahidul Haque indoors at the place around 6:05am. 7 armed motors of Bangladesh military took role within the vicinity after 7:05am.

A crowd of youths numbering 8 to 9 and aged between 21 and 30 stormed the restaurant contained by the sensitive area of Dhaka around 8:30 pm in Friday night, firing gunshots and charging bombs.
Its miles alleged that over 50 clients, consisting of at least 20 foreigners were inside the Holey Artisan Bakery on avenue 79, that’s well-known with foreigners. In keeping with distinctive information agencies, the hostages encompass nationals of Italy, Japan, Korea India and Argentina.

The intelligence institution has tweeted that ISIS claimed the duty for the Dhaka restaurant hostages wherein at least 2 law enforcement officials have been killed and scores injured.

It is a big accident in history of Bangladesh. Last few years ISIS said that they want to start them operation in Bangladesh. Bangladesh government said that there are no ISIS but maybe it was the main proof of ISIS in Bangladesh.


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