List of Google Chrome Shortcut Keys and Commands

Now, if there’s no Google, there’s no Google Chrome either! In case you are using Google chrome, then on internet you’ll locate various sorts of extensions which are compatible with this particular browser. Today we will talk about Google Chrome shortcut keys.

1 log in with a Google username and password and you are out there should you be using Chrome. Here’s the way you can alter the homepage on Mozilla Firefox. The internet browser together with the 2nd biggest market share on the web is web Explorer. Currently the beta version of the browser is the just one that features voice search on Google. Google’s online cookie can completely be reserved by Google, should you be by means of the Google toolbar, and you’re logged keen on it. The online history is stored within the Windows registry as well as in the online cookies. Other than this, you may also listen to the radio utilizing the iTunes Radio app. Windows Sidebar has plenty of gadgets to provide for fast navigation, however when it comes to Mac, you can’t question the potency of Dashboard. The winner inside this category, however, clearly, is Google Drive.

What is Google Chrome:

Type this in the desktop search programs available like the Google desktop search and you’re done. If there were no Google Docs, you’d require an enormous storage area in your computer to keep every one of these files. Users can likewise share the database that’s saved on SQL servers. They need to install both these software, as they are not in-built.

Google Chrome

Check the Macrovision folder to see whether all of the files are deleted. Now click the `Choose Backup Disc’ tab and choose the location where in fact the data ought to be backed up. In the Content settings page, below the Plug-ins tab, choose the option.

Google Chrome Cookie Implementation:

The cookie implementation facility depends on the browser, in contrast to the operating system. The point is going to be to see whether the technology will nonetheless go by the name Wave. Now we’re enjoying error free computing because of web browser technical support. Linux is a straightforward operating apparatus, very similar to Unix.

One of many methods is to utilize the search desktop operation. If you’re new to using the Internet and aren’t acquainted with the inner working of internet browsers, the info on homepage change, presented in these lines, will definitely be a helpful read. As a consequence all links and buttons may be clicked, but can’t be seen properly. Just follow these easy instructions and restrict the online access in your computer.

These add-ons assist in extending the functionality of internet browser in a single way or the other. Finally, the practice of utilizing applets lost its charm, and today, applets aren’t widely employed. It doesn’t ask you to become a computer expert to take out the adware in any way. It’s an excellent practice to allow them in this type of way, the browser asks you whether to save them or not.

Google Chrome Shortcut Keys:

Beneath is a list of all the essential shortcut keys use by way of the Google Chrome net browser. See the laptop computer and shortcut internet page if you are seeking out other shortcut keys utilized in different applications.

We clearly have a full list of shortcuts specific to Chrome books on our Chrome Book shortcut key internet page.

Shortcut Keys


Alt + HomeNow open Chrome browser home page on your computer.
Alt + TabToggle between your Chrome browser windows
Backspace or Alt + Left ArrowBack a page.
Alt + Right ArrowForward a page.
F11Show the recent website in full screen mode of your browser. Press F11 and again it will exit this browser mode.
EscStop website page or you can stop download from loading.
Ctrl + (- or +)It can Zoom in your out of page ‘-‘ will reduce and ‘+’ will increase. It can “Ctrl + 0” will reset back to default.
Ctrl + 1-8Press “Ctrl” and any number 1 through 8 will go to the corresponding tab in your browser tab bar.
Ctrl + 9It goes to Switch to last tab of your browser.
Ctrl + 0It can Reset browser zoom to default set.
Ctrl + EnterIt completes an address. For example, type “newswebbd” in the address bar and press “CTRL + ENTER” to get
Ctrl + Shift + DelOpen the Clear Data browser window to rapidly clear private data of your browser.
Ctrl + Shift + BIt can toggle the bookmarks bar of browser between hidden and shown position.
Ctrl + AIt can select everything on a web page.
Ctrl + DYou can add a bookmark for the page, which currently opened.
Ctrl + FYou can open the “find” bar to find text on the recent page.
CTRL + OYou can open a file in your browser.
Ctrl + Shift + OYou can open the Bookmark manager of your browser.
Ctrl + HOpen your Chrome browser history in a new tab.
Ctrl + JIt can display the download window of your browser.
Ctrl + K or Ctrl + EIt can Perform a Google search for your browser.
Ctrl + LYou can move the cursor to the browser address bar any place and highlight everything in this.
Ctrl + NThis key open New browser window of your browser.
Ctrl + Shift + NYou can open a new window of your browser in incognito mode.
Ctrl + PThis key command Print current page or frame of open browser.
Ctrl + R or F5You can refresh the current opened page or frame.
Ctrl + SIt is used to “Save” the current opened page.
Ctrl + TIt is used to “open” a new tab.
Ctrl + UYou can view a current web page source code.
Ctrl + WIt is used to closes the recently selected tab.
Ctrl + Shift + WYou can close the recently selected window.
Ctrl + Shift + TIt is used to reopen the last tab you have closed up to 10.
Ctrl + TabIt can move all the way through each of the current open tabs.
Ctrl + Left-clickIt is used to open the link in a new tab in the background.
Ctrl + Shift Left-clickYou can open the link in a new tab of your browser and switch to the new tab.
SpacebarYou can move down a page at a time.
Shift + SpacebarIt is used to moves up a page at a same time.
Ctrl + Alt + Down ArrowYou can go to top of the page.
Ctrl + Alt + Up ArrowIt is used to go to bottom of recent page.
Alt + Down ArrowIt displays all last text entered in a text box and existing options on a drop down menu of the browser.

Now we are in the last part of our discussion. I hope that this article will help you to know more about Google Chrome shortcut keys. Thank you for stay with us.

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