Fat: Good or Bad? How Much Should One Eat?

According to most people, healthy eating means doing away with fat in the diet. However, various researches from reputable institutions like Harvard University shows otherwise. There is a new approach to how one can eat fat and receive the maximum benefit from it. Going low fat on everything may not be the solution to fitness. According to a reputable steroid seller, who provides legit fitness gear to athletes and any other people, healthy fat is important in the body when using these supplements. So, is fat a friend or foe? Let us see more below.

Functions of Fat in the Body:

What most people do not know is that fat is one of the macronutrients in the body. According to health records, every gram of fat will supply your body with 9 calories. Therefore, it will give the body the energy it requires to function. Steroids and intercourse power increasing hormones are also part of the functions performed by fat.

When we eat vitamins and minerals, some of them are fat soluble, and without fat, we will not enjoy the benefits of these nutrients. Lastly, fat plays an essential part in the regulation of mood and brain functionality. Even though other nutrients play a role in this, fat is the key player.

Fats That You Should Know:

Monounsaturated Fats – a good example is found in almonds and avocados. Most research shows these fats are the best since they have numerous health benefits. They will keep your weight in check as well as make your heart happy. Diabetic people can also use the fats to help regulate their condition.


Polyunsaturated Fats – the omega 3 and 6 fats fall into this category. Most people know or have heard of both omega 3, which is found in seafood, and omega 6, which is found in seeds and nuts. Some publications will tell you the best ratio of these two fats, but the truth is that having them in your diet helps to deal with inflammation.

Saturated Fats – lard and cream have this type of fat, and most health experts will tell you that it raises the levels of good and bad cholesterol at the same time. Unlike what people thought in the past, it is now known that moderate amounts of these fats do not have negative health effects.

Amount of Fat to Eat:

It is better to first address the concern about the type of fat you eat before the amount. The best fats like avocado oil and omega 3 are not only healthy but also will limit you from eating too much because they make you feel full. People trying to cut down on weight or become lean can add fat to their diet to increase satiety. Virgin olive oil will allow for the creation of healthier meals when used for cooking. Better still, one can enjoy the healthy fats in their natural state by eating foods like whole nuts and avocados for snacks.


Eating fat is crucial for the body to function well. However, consider the healthiest fats as the priority before considering the other ones. With the above information, you can make your diet a healthy choice for you.

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