False Pregnancy Symptoms – Top 5 Negative Early Pregnancy Signs

Pregnancy is a natural process of childbirth. When women get a positive pregnancy result they take preparation for a new family member. Every woman decides her pregnancy by observing her early pregnancy signs and symptoms. But, sometimes women get false pregnancy symptoms.

Top 5 False Pregnancy Symptoms:

Most of the time women get false pregnancy symptoms. We have observed that many women can not differ between false and true pregnancy symptoms, for that cause, they think she is pregnant. Today we will show you top 5 false pregnancy symptoms and signs.

Missed Period:

When a woman gets missed period she thinks that she is pregnant because a missed period is a common symptom of pregnancy. But you should know that you can get missed period for many other reasons. The missed period also can be caused by stress or some other external factors.

False Pregnancy Symptoms

Tenderness Breasts:

Change in your nipples and tenderness are signs of pregnancy. But, breast enlargement or natural growth is related to period or hormones. You can also experience breast tenderness and enlargement for period, hormone and some specific foods.

Morning Sickness:

It is a symptom of pregnancy, but it is also associated with hormones. If you are nervous or stressed with a weakened immune system, you can suffer morning sickness. So, all morning sickness is not a symptom of pregnancy.

Expanding Belly:

Some women feel swollen and they notice that their abdomen is expanding. It is a major symptom of pregnancy. But every time it does not refer pregnancy symptom. Suffering swollen and expanding bally can be caused by a buildup of waste.

Nausea and Vomiting:

You may know that nausea and vomiting is a symptom of early pregnancy but all types vomiting and nausea is not an early pregnancy symptom. You may also suffer nausea or vomiting for hormone imbalance and gastric problem.

False pregnancy is also known as pseudocyesis. It is similar to the symptoms of true pregnancy and it is frequently hard to distinguish from it. These symptoms can last for just a few weeks, so you should observe clearly your situation before getting a pregnancy test.

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