Facebook Forces Mobile Users to Messenger App

Facebook messenger is a popular social chatting system all over the world. It is a growing membership site. People use facebook by using computer and mobile.

Messenger is a popular app of facebook user. Maximum people use messenger, when they use facebook by mobile. It is news that facebook authority forces mobile users to use this app. The feature for individuals has a look at messages with the assist of manner of getting access to the social network. Facebook authority doesn’t want to use facebook on a phone browser. A message currently appears informing users of the approaching alternate. On a few handsets the play store then launches. Facebook stated the move is an extension of its 2014 messenger coverage.

“Using the messenger app is faster and allows richer interactions. We are continuing to carry the first-rate reports we are able to the 900 million people on messenger,” it said in an announcement by facebook.

Messages are already inaccessible via the decent Facebook app. However, Devin Coldewey at period data internet website tech crunch described it.

“Without a doubt the website page is lots used by human beings who’ve pinnacle reason now not to download the app,” he wrote. A few customers have complained that they do not want to use the app now, citing battery lifestyles and privateers issues.


Analyst Martin Garner from CCS perception instructed the BBC messaging is a key location for the organization. “This circulates underlines what a critical platform messaging is turning into for Facebook,” he stated. Messaging is absolutely increased driving force for revenue but it additionally might be right key to growing as a substitute modern day artificial intelligence solutions. “Human beings get used to a devoted messaging app. However, there are initial objections. Facebook just desires to ensure that the app is nicely-written and does not begin becoming a big drain on battery lifestyles.”

Facebook Messenger Review:

Messenger offers the instantaneous connection that most young adults want and assume from social media, that is lacking from the genuine facebook app now that messaging is being phased out. It also gives the alternatives to percent pictures with first-rate one touch. It delivers films and makes a conventional voice-to-voice telephone call despite the fact. The first-class of the decision throughout this review wasn’t stellar, deliver GIF or ship an in-app voice message, just like unique messaging apps at the side of whats app. The chat head photo icons that appear on customers’ cell gadgets’ maximum important displays to indicate an incoming message or ongoing communication can be distracting. There are some options to restriction or flip them off, and they are now not as intrusive as facebook domestic. Notifications, virtual digital camera get entry to and vicinity data may be disabled.

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The sticky label consists of adorable active stickers for sending and the app save inside messenger consists of dozens of apps that customers can use to deliver GIFs and quick animations straight away from messenger itself. The ones all want to be downloaded in advance than use and aren’t to be had via default. Clients can also get admission to their friends’ facebook timeline. Dad and mom may additionally need to remind teens the usage of this app to show off the location characteristic, which otherwise sends their area to anyone they message, and get permission in advance than purchasing for a few elements via the app. Similarly, the identical private ness worries that exist with facebook exist in messenger, so assessment the frequently updated private ness coverage.

This news is the latest news by authority. People already react about this message. Some people are trying to agree with the facebook authority and many people are disappointment for this news. They think that it is a bad decision by authority. But it is new rule now and it is final. People must use messenger to use facebook messaging. But there are some browsers, which gives you messenger free messaging.



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  1. Nowadays, Facebook got “money hungry” and forces users to download messenger app. Facebook is afraid of losing users and they’re trying different plan of action to get their users back.

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