How to Control Heat Wave in the Summer

There are six sessions in our earth. Six sessions make six romances. Different people like different sessions. Someone likes the summer or someone likes the winter. Our subject is today about summer heat wave.

If any people like the spring, other people like the autumn. Six session’s weather is not same. Heat, cold, wind, rain are different elements of the sessions. Every session has some good effect for human being body and also has bad effects. The main bad effect of the summer is heat wave and burning. There are some people in our society, who can not consider summer for heat and there are some people too, who can not consider winter for cold. If you can not consider summer and you don’t like summer heat this article for you. Today we will discuss about How to control heat wave in the summer. This article shows you the real and practical way to control heat wave and burning in the summer.

control heat wave in the summer

Why Needs Control Heat Wave:

Heat wave is a natural process in the summer. Some time it makes our life unbearable. We try to control and protect heat wave but maximum time we can’t do it in the outdoor, because we don’t know proper process. It is needed to control heat wave, because this burning wave makes heat stroke, dehydration and many other disease. Heat wave burning our skin and it can make skin cancer.

Process to Control Heat Wave:

Now this is the time. We will discuss about the process to control heat wave. Especially we will discuss in the outdoor burning process.

Burning Hands and Feet:

In the summer you get heat wave and burning experience on your hands and feet, because this part of body commonly stays out of cloth. For the ones of you who practice great heating at the palms and feet, I’d advise that you massage sour gourd slices at the soles of your feet and the hands and see how you are your pores and skin feels.

Burning Eyes:

It is a common problem in the summer. Especially if you go in the sun, you face this problem. When you go out door, always stay tea bag with you. Tea bag is an effective treatment for burning eyes. You can keep tea bags in the freezer and for a few times you can place it on your eyes. You can use also cucumber slices and cold water pad. These are also very effective for eyes.

Fresh Looking Skin:

In the summer you can feel your skin oily or dry. Especially women feel oily skin in this session. Your nose and face can sweat all time. If you are in an office, you can keep a water bottle in your side. When you come home from office, college or market every time washes your face with cold water.heat wave

Don’t Close Pores:

It is a big cause in the summer. In the summer sweat come out through our body skin pores. If any cause block this pores, it helps to grow pimple in your face. When you bathe, every time should use shop to avoid block skin pores.

Body Odor:

It is a common problem in the summer session. Especially fat guys and women face this problem. To avoid body odor always ware cotton and thin dress. Use shop in bathing time and don’t stay in stuffy room any time. When you bath, a cup of milk, lemon slices and essential oil add to this water. It makes your skin fresh for long time.

In the last part of our discussion we can say that every session is beautiful. Every session has some good sides and also some bad sides. We enjoy the good sides but we feel problem by bad sides. It is good to try to understand the reality and take step how we can avoid the bad side. If we follow some simple tips we can feel free and fresh in all sessions.

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