7 Things You Should Never Do After Eating

7 things you should never do after eating. You may know lots of things from your parents. You may also hear that we shouldn’t do some work after having a meal. Now, it is a question, is it true? Yes, it is true. We shouldn’t do some activity after having a meal. Now we will find out 7 activities which shouldn’t do after taking a meal.

1. Don’t Smoke after Dinner:

Smoking is harmful to our health, but after a meal, smoking is 10 times harmful as a killer. Cigarettes include minimum sixty carcinogens. So, cigarettes are bad after meals, and before meals.

7 Things You Should Never Do After Eating

2. No Fruits after Lunch:

Fruits just after any meal can be harmful. Fruits are the easiest to digest, so when you eat a fruit after a meal, it takes stuck with the food. They can not travel in time to the intestines, and getting spoiled as a result.

3. No Tea after Meals:

Tea and coffee have their advantages when consumed in a limited amount. You may know, an excess of anything is harmful. Tea and coffee should be consumed minimum one hour after any meal.

4. Do not Bathe After Meals:

We should wait minimum 40 minutes to take a shower after a meal. Digestion requires a lot of energy and bloodstream in our body. If we take a warm water shower, bloodstreams towards our skin to release off the heat.

5. Don’t Lose your Belt after Meals:

Most people recommend that we don’t do loosen the belt after a meal. Yes, it is right. It is not for our intestines or stomach. It is just a symptom that we have eaten a lot more than others. Sometimes this activity can make a risk of a hernia.

6. Don’t Go for After a Meal:

You may go for a walk after a meal, but you should wait minimum 40 minutes. Then it is perfectly healthy. If you go to walk after a meal you will have some severe acid reflux and indigestion.

7. Dozing off Immediately after a Meal:

Don’t sleep immediately after a meal. The burning feeling you can get when you lie down after a meal. You can do some activity after a meal such as watching television or chatting with friends and family.

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